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Cooking should be fun and not an anxiety-provoking act

At Kroman’s Cooking School – All About Cooking, we place great emphasis on ‘edutainment-teaching’, which means that you learn while having fun. The pictures below should speak their clear language…

We do not stress our participants along the way – but if you are far outside your comfort zone, then of course you can experience a little stress, but we do not throw with plates, just because someone might just ‘fool around’ a bit 🙂

To create the best possible starting point for a successful evening with us, we always start with the chef reviewing the menu thoroughly, so that everyone gets a clear picture of what’s going to happen. The group is then divided into teams, where each team makes its own dish/part of the menu.

Since we are in the same kitchen and more or less around the same kitchen island, everyone can follow what is happening in all the groups. If a group needs to do something that could be of interest to everyone, we will ring the bell, so that those from other groups who want to follow, will have the opportunity to do so. It can e.g. be filleting of fish, removing tendons and membranes from meat, or in fact correct cutting of meat or poultry.

We hope you will enjoy trying an evening with us one day. You have to be from min. 12 on the team and up (during the Corona there may be other rules – give us a call)

… oh, it might be important just to mention that everyone who is in the pictures here on the gallery page has given their permission.

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Gastronomiske oplevelser


Vores lokaler egner sig perfekt til teambuilding eller kundearrangementer med madlavning. De er eksklusivt indrettet med de bedste hvidevarer fra Gaggenau og Siemens.

Køkkenet er superlækkert og monteret med Quooker Twin Tab i alle vaske. Bordpladerne er i corian og amerikansk eg og selve maden laver I på den 4,5 m lange og 1,6 m brede kogeø, der altsammen er produceret af Mølballe. Køkkenudstyret er alt det bedste fra bl.a.Kitchen Aid, Magimix og Mauviel. Tallerknerne er naturligvis de lækre fra Pillivuyt smukt akkompagneret af italienske Bormioli glas.

Ring på  +45 24 65 46 47