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All About us…

Cooking classes for everybody! 

Join our cooking classes in Copenhagen!

What kind of a place is this?
All About Cooking should be seen and experienced as a culinary clubhouse where EVERYTHING can happen, as long as the focal point is good food made from good ingredients. Come join a cooking class with your colleagues, friends or family – it takes only 12 people to make a team and you will have the school to yourselves

Do you need to be a chef?

No, our cooking classes caters to ALL regardless of prior knowledge, so even though the subtitle is Kroman’s Cooking School, you should not at all be a chef or anything reminiscent for being part of our cooking classes.

Participation in a cooking class requires only one prerequisite: You must enjoy cooking – either because you take pride in making it yourself; want to get better at it; need new inspiration or because you appreciate the pleasures of the table in the company with fellow foodies.

What type of cooking classes do you offer?

We have a varied selection of classes counting more than 30 menus at All About Cooking – Kromans Cooking School.

Among other things, we offer a range of classical gourmet cooking classes from different parts of the world. We add of course our own ideas to the classical cooking, so everyone gets new inspiration. We also offer easier classes where there is plenty of time to chat, talk and mingle while you cook a delicious menu but as cooking – in our mind – should be fun, there is always time to enjoy yourselves – no matter what… 😉

Discover our menus on this homepage or give us a call/write an e-mail and we’ll find out what will be the right menu for your event.

Who is teaching and what’s the duration of a class?

All cooking classes and events will, as a starting point, have Karsten Kroman and his team as teachers. We are, however, happy to leave the ‘stage’ to guest chefs as well – for shows, classes and demonstrations. In short, a cooking class at ALL About Cooking – Kromans Cooking School can be customized exactly to your needs.

5 hours or more…

A cooking class usually starts at 5 p.m. and has a duration of 5 hours – ending at around 10 p.m.

We are, however very flexible regarding starting time and it is our aim to be the most flexible collaborator – on all aspects – you ever worked with.

You are more than welcome to stay for extra hours if you want more time to enjoy yourselves – maybe even with a ‘cocktail school’ after the dinner and/or dancing all night long to disco light and great music from our extensive HI-FI.
Please note that a staff-fee after six hours will be charged on an hourly basis. 

We can offer you more than a cooking class

Are you looking for a great place for your event?

Well, you are more than welcome to rent All About Cooking – Kromans Cooking School
for your product launches and/or product demonstrations.  It goes without saying that the school has everything needed for cooking but if you also need a projector it can be provided too.

For booking or more information
please call
 +45 24 65 46 47