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Great Food and ‘Hygge’

Classical gourmet cooking
with a personal touch

Under the joint title ‘Great Food and ‘Hygge’ (cosiness) we offer a range of classes in classic gourmet cooking from all over the world.

We add a little modern twist to the dishes so everyone will get new inspiration from cooking them. And quite importantly, we will bring you in the right mood by playing the significant music from the chosen country while you cook and dine as we have a special playlist for every menu.

In spite of being gourmet menus the emphasis is also placed on time to enjoy, chat, talk and mingle while enjoying a glass. The severity of the dishes will be manageable to most. If you have demands for a certain atmosphere – please give us a call and we will be happy to guide you in choosing the right menu for your event.

Embark on an exciting gastronomic journey…

Choose your favorite among these popular menus:

Great French food and “hygge”

Vive La France and all the lovely food and all the good wines.

The ultimate menu for those who appreciate the French classic gourmet cuisine. Several special techniques are involved.

  • Crispy ‘cigar’ with confit de canard and ‘Bigarade dressing’
  • Fried monkfish medallion with smoked mussels, coarse mashed potatoes and beurre blanc.
  • Stuffed veal tenderloin with mushrooms and seasonal vegetables
  • Profiteroles with ice cream and dark chocolate sauce

    While cooking we’ll serve our French house wines. For dinner selected French wines of high quality will be served.


DKK 1.335, – excl. VAT (if applicable)

Incl. beverages

Great Italian food and “hygge” #1

Perhaps Paris is considered the city of cities – but Rome – wow – a metropolitan jewel with endless discoveries, experiences and mental upheavals – in short – a city you will never finish exploring.

We got inspired by our favorite ‘hood’ Trastevere…

  • Veal tatar with fresh truffle or truffle caviar
  • Gratinated mushrooms with goat cheese and pancetta
  • Marinated monkfish with avocado cream and watercress
  • Ravioli with scampi and shrimp bisque
  • Filet of rabbit with seasonal vegetables, fresh fennel and baked San Marzano tomatoes
  • Homemade vanilla parfait with zabaglion cream and grilled fruit

    While cooking our Italian house wines are served. For dinner we’ll serve selected Italian wines of high quality.

DKK 1.435, – excl. VAT (if applicable)

Incl. beverages

Great Italian food and “hygge” #2

Umore Italiano –  Italian mood!

  • Parmigiana di melanzane – Mama Annabelle’s original recipe (eggplant in tomato sauce with parmesan and basil)
  • Homemade fettuccine with scallops, ’salty fingers’ and oyster mushrooms in lemon/buttersauce.
  • Rack of veal with lots of fresh herbs and Italian vegetables of the season
  • Homemade Tiramisu a la Kroman

    While cooking our Italian house wines are served. For dinner we’ll serve selected Italian wines of high quality.

DKK 1.235, – excl. VAT (if applicable)

Incl. beverages

Great Italian food and “hygge” #3

La sfida –  The challenging!

  • Scallop cream with salted lemon peel
  • Small salads with oven-baked parmesan, tomatoes, potatoes, olives and fennel granite
  • Pasta linguini with wild boar ragout and mushroom dust
  • Stuffed quail with grape sauce and seasonal greens
  • Almond cake with blueberries, meringue medals with yoghurt cream and lemon thyme parfait

    While cooking our Italian house wines are served. For dinner we’ll serve selected Italian wines of high quality.

DKK 1.335, – excl. VAT (if applicable)

Incl. beverages

Great Spanish food and “hygge”

Take the culinary tour of the true Spain.

A spirited tour of Spanish cuisine from north to south and east to west.

  • Butterflied shrimps in spicy chocolate sauce
  • Menestra with vegetables, manchego, pancetta and veal
  • Flambéed squid in tomato sauce
  • Oxtails with cabrales and bravas potatoes
  • Hazelnut parfait with rosemary oil, sea salt and candied root vegetables

    While cooking our Spanish house wines are served. For dinner we’ll serve selected Spanish wines of high quality. 

DKK 1.235, – excl. VAT (if applicable)

Incl. beverages

Great American food and “hygge”

Unleash your inner cowboy and hit it ‘bull’s eye’ with a genuine all american dinner!

  • Scampi burger with aioli and American cocktail sauce
  • BBQ baby back veal and pork spare ribs
  • Coleslaw
  • Butter-steamed corn on the cob (in season)
  • Roast rack of beef with homemade herb butter, homefries and the original Caesars salad
  • Mississippi Mud Cake with bourbon/vanilla ice cream.

    While cooking our American house wines are served. For dinner we’ll serve selected American wines of high quality.

DKK 1.335, – excl. VAT (if applicable)

Incl. beverages

Great Mexican food and “hygge”

La Fiesta Mexicana!

Enjoy a nice glass of agua fresca before boarding the exhilarating Mexican gourmet cuisine.

  • Quesadilla with fried corn, potatoes and cheese garnished with a shrimp ceviche with melon escabeche, red onion and sugar snaps
  • Leaf-wrapped, baked chicken with mole de Birria
  • Tostados (small fried tortillas) with avocado, homemade fresh cheese and pico de gallo 
  • Adobo-braised pork breast with herbs and spices. Crispy potato chips, black beans and homemade curtidos
  • Homemade churros with chili/choco ice cream and margarita sorbet with lime salt

DKK 1.235, – excl. VAT (if applicable)

Incl. beverages

Great Asian food and “hygge”

How about a power trip through Asian cuisine? From pure zen to an inescapable pleasure of savory deliciousness.

Welcome to Asia!

  • Tom yum gung  – Thailand
  • Omelet with scallops and spring onions  – Vietnam
  • Okonomiyaki with fresh tuna, black oyster mayo and wasabi  – Japan
  • Galbi of veal ribs served with rice – South Korea
  • Marinated beef tenderloin with pak choi, green asparagus and wild watercress  – Malaysia
  • Coconut baked banana with cardamom ice cream  – Vietnam

DKK 1.360, – excl. VAT (if applicable)

Incl. beverages

Great Indian food and “hygge”

Join us for a great culinary adventure as we take a tour of the beautiful, spicy Indian cuisine. An evening with more than 20 different herbs an spices in play…

  • Pakoras
    (prepared and eaten during cooking of the menu)
  • Madras chemeen vendaki – shrimp and okracurry
  • Chukka chicken from Karaikudi
  • Plum chutney and mint/coriander youghurt sauce
  • Gutti venkai koora – stuffed eggplant
  • Salad of pickled red onion, pineapple and pomegranate
  • Parsian beef jardaloo – apricot beef
  • Cashew bread, coconut bombs and cardamom ice cream

DKK 1.235, – excl. VAT (if applicable)

Incl. beverages

Have a little bite of everything…

Cooking this menu will take you from around Europe to the Far East and back again…

  • Pakoras
  • Butterfly shrimp in spicy chocolate sauce
  • Homemade pasta with steamed mussels and tomato sauce
  • Chicken Rice Hainan with chili paste and ginger consommé with mushrooms and spring onions
  • ‘Rødgrød med fløde’ Red fruit stew with cream and roasted white chocolate

DKK  1.125, –  excl. VAT (if applicable)

Incl. beverages

Don’t miss this one!

Rock ‘n Roll will never die … and neither will the craving for a tender and juicy steak cut from the finest Danish, whole rack of beef!

At All About Cooking we take steaks seriously – especially the size of it! You may cut your steak as big as you like up to 2 kilos!  – but if you can’t eat up a pricy food-waste-fine is awaiting you… 😉

We make a little salad for the sake of sight and put ‘pedal to the metal’ with homefries and homemade bearnaise sauce… but, we better start by cooking some fresh lobsters and make a couple of dressings… Yyyiiihaaa!

DKK 1.335, – excl. VAT (if applicable)

Incl. beverages


We serve our house wine, beer and lemonade while cooking. Selected wines are served with most menus. The beverages are not served as an all-you-can drink concept but in a reasonable quantity. 

Additional beverages can be purchased at very reasonable prices.


Our premises are perfect for teambuilding or a cooking class with customers. 

The finest materials
The kitchen is super exclusively decorated with the best appliances from Gaggenau and Neff and fitted with Quooker Twin Tab in all sinks. The tables are in Corian and American oak and the cooking is taking place on the 4.5 m long and 1.6 m wide cooking island.

The best equipment
The kitchen utensils and appliances are all the best from Kitchen Aid, Magimix and Mauviel, among others. The plates are, of course, the beautiful and classic French plates from Pillivuyt accompanied by Italian Bormioli glasses. With our high quality facilities and equipment, we can provide the perfect setting for private dining or company teambuilding.

The multiple choices
Contact us and learn more about what we can offer – or explore our homepage and enjoy the more than 30 different menus from all over the world and choose one for your next corporate event or private dining experience.